Thursday, February 17, 2011

yahoo censors comment re: gay marriage

Hawaii eyes gay ceremonies after civil unions pass

unless you have a specific religion under which you desire to be married, all civil marriages are legal for all american citizens. to claim otherwise is unconstitutional, according mostly to the Ninth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. unenumerated rights are the most important rights american citizens have to protect them from the government and the "moral" majority, or any kind of majority.

marriage in and of itself is NOT a religious ceremony, unless you choose it to be. there is no need to "defend" something that is clearly available under the Constitution to all citizens. with a 50% divorce rate, "traditional" marriage doesn't seem to be very well defended, does it?

Friday, January 21, 2011

yahoo censors comment re: charles manson punishment

Charles Manson follower Krenwinkel denied parole

charles manson is content and comfortable right where he is. i don't want him to be content and comfortable. i want him to be miserable and uncomfortable. he should be in solitary confinement at the strictest of prisons, where no-one is available to be an audience for his rants and delusions. i don't even want him to have a window or a conventional shower -- they can hose him down in his cell for all i care -- thru a slot, so he can't see them. he should be in a sound-proof room. he should get nothing to eat but a vitamin and baloney sandwiches. no cigarettes, no sex, no drugs, no audience.

this is the next best thing to a death sentence for "charlie."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

yahoo censors comment re: Huck Finn calling Jim a nigger

Mark Twain remains censored, and uncensored

i am amazed and very pleased by the unanimity of the below opinions. bowdlerization is awful, misleading, and destructive. if Huck called Jim a n!gger, it was because that was how Jim would be referred to at that time. it is a learning experience not to be avoided by the PC police. notice that i cannot spell the "n" word correctly because yahoo would censor this comment.

p.s. they censored it anyway.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

yahoo censors comment re: woolly mammoth

Researchers aim to resurrect mammoth in five years

i had heard -- at least a decade ago -- that Japanese scientists were going to try to clone a mammoth. i guess developing the technique to extract the dna took all that time. i am very excited about the attempt, and i hope it proves successful. i also hope they clone more than one, so they can reproduce.

where will they live? it'll have to be pretty cold, or they'll die of heat exhaustion. isn't the gestation period about 2 yrs or so? i can't wait to see baby mammoths -- i'll bet they're adorable :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

yahoo censors comment re: AZ shooter

Shooting suspect's nihilism rose with isolation

i happen to love Animal Farm, i like Brave New World, and i have copies of both Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto, which i intend to read. i hope these facts do not condemn me in the eyes of my fellow americans. i also believe that n!gger should remain in Huckleberry Finn -- this subject seems to come up every once in a while -- should bible-readers change the word "virgin" to "young woman," as in the original? you see how playing around with words can become a heated battle, but it is very important to read works in their original form, as the author intended.

i also happen to believe -- fervently -- that every schoolchild should read Animal Farm. it is a warning, not an advocative, treatise on totalitarianism. btw, every adult should read it, too. if you want to know why politicians act the way they do, Animal Farm is by far the go-to book. i can assure you -- it is safe to read it, without your becoming a murderer.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

yahoo censors comment re: cross being unconstitutional

California memorial cross found unconstitutional

on your dollar bill, it used to say "E Pluribus, Unum" -- out of many, one. we are not one as long as god is involved. or god/s. would you like your money to proclaim "in Zeus we trust"? it's the absolute same thing.

the bible is studied in school for its historicity, and prayer can be said silently at any time anyone wishes. just don't make me have to listen to it. to paraphrase Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice -- you may think of it, but not aloud.

don't confuse religion with science. science comes from the Latin "scienter" -- to know. religion comes from the Latin "re-lig" -- to rebind together. the former creates individuals; the latter, sheeple.

yahoo censors comment re: cross being unconstitutional

California memorial cross found unconstitutional

read the Constitution -- it's either oath or affirmation. witnesses don't have to "swear to god/s" and there ARE, whether you "believe" it or not, atheists in foxholes. we are everywhere.

i am a sincere nontheist. i would not want to be in a heaven that would have the faithful -- or me -- as a member. a non-existent hell is preferable to a faith-filled heaven. but i won't have to worry about that, as neither exist in fact, only in wishful thinking.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

yahoo censors comment re: autism and vaccines

Study linking vaccine to autism was fraud

no one "catches" autism -- it is not contagious. it is strictly natural. an autistic person is born that way. read Temple Grandin and Dr. Oliver Sacks re: autism and Asperger's, which i have -- i have always had Asperger's, but it wasn't officially diagnosed until i was 56. until then, i was considered nonsocial and eccentric. i have Asperger-like memories from the age of 10 months, way before i received any vaccinations.

the 1998 study was intentionally misrepresentational. self-aggrandizement was probably a factor, noting that he has a strong following in the u.s. even though he was stripped of his right to practice medicine in great britain. i'll bet all of his writings are now suspect, knowing that he would intentionally skew data.