Friday, April 23, 2010

marriage v. religion

get religion out of the state. marriage can be either a civil or a religious act. when i got married -- never intending to have children -- the jp mentioned god once and, boy, was i pissed! gods have no place in my life. i judge everything, myself above all. i say: judge, and be prepared to be judged. it's inevitable -- how can one make choices/decisions without judging what is subjective and what is objective?

i am responsible for my moral and ethical choices, and having some god or another -- i.e., human in sheep's clothing -- dictate my philosophy to me is not only offensive and silly; it is also childish. i'm an adult who thinks for myself.

in other words, every adult u.s. citizen has the right to marry and divorce, according to their own wishes. look to the 1st and especially the 9th amendments, not to some religious text.

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