Friday, December 3, 2010

yahoo censors post re: mccain on "don't ask, don't tell"

Mullen fires back at McCain's 'don't ask' repeal criticism

mccain was never the brightest bulb in the senate, or in flight school, or when flying, or when serving in the government. check his records -- he was the son and grandson of admirals, and that's where his qualifications began and ended. how does being a vietnam prisoner -- and tortured -- for five years qualify him to pass judgment on gays in the military?

even Cindy disagrees with him on this one. he has no credibility and less probity than Rodin's The Thinker -- i.e., a hunk of stone in a contemplative position. between grey and gay, i'll take gay any day. at least gays are capable of reasoned thought and compassion -- two things in which mccain is lacking. mccain is ye olde guard -- something we need less of.

the only opposition to gays serving openly and honestly is religious, and that has no place in civil government or a civilian military. look to the 10 Amendments, not the 10 commandments. The 9th Amendment guarantees our unenumerated rights, and that trumps particular religious "moralities" that are in actuality objectively immoral. a man of limited and circumscribed thought, such as mccain, is in no position to judge rationality. books like the bible and the qur'an prescribe death to homosexuals -- is that rational thought? the 9th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights implicitly guarantees freedom from any particular religious moral code. i don't think mccain is capable of such understanding, considering his limited philosophical talents. i suggest we as a nation not take him seriously in his bronze-age prejudices.