Sunday, May 9, 2010

a national day of non-prayer, please!

i don't pray -- i just think really hard. i don't ask -- i just analyze. i'm very unhappy with a national day that celebrates the existence of gods that are constantly on my back and in my life. it is only fair, unless the day of prayer is abolished, to have a national day of non-prayer, for the many of us (and there are many) who wish to publicly acknowledge their freedom from gods.

religious people are not intrinsically evil; they're just mis-taken. hell and heaven are both on earth, and only death awaits. religion is for those who are afraid to die. i'm not; i'm curious, as was my mentor, Socrates. i am certain that there are many of you out there who would wish to hasten the process for me.

@paradox, you are correct in your statement and assumptions. it really brings out the hate and self-righteousness and arrogance of the "faith"-full. as will, i am sure, this post of mine.

as to the separation of god and state not being in the Constitution, i refer you to the Ninth Amendment, which guarantees my unenumerated rights. the right to be god-free is one of them, i contend. they are unenumerated because the Framers realized they couldn't put in all the "thou (government) shalt nots" -- it was realistically impossible. they left the interpretation to the people at the time of their own cultural reality. there are at least 14% of us citizens who are god-free. we have our Ninth Amendment to thank for that.

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