Monday, September 6, 2010

yahoo censors this comment re: persian woman sentenced to death by stoning

regarding the persian woman sentenced to be stoned to death -- what about the two men? apparently, what is a crime for a woman is not a crime for a man. this is a misogynistic religion, as well as one trapped in the dark ages. where are the "moderate" muslims condemning both the woman's punishment and the men's lack of punishment?

what the heck is she being punished for? she was a widow and she had sex. she did not commit adultery, unless having a dead husband prevents you from ever having sex again. this is so totally backwards and immature that i cannot imagine the people who actually take this seriously!

if this woman is put to death, a great crime will have been committed. having already subjected her to 99 lashes -- a very painful punishment (just see mel gibson's passion of christ) -- is barbarous. these people don't have the sense or maturity to be ashamed of themselves. please let's don't take them seriously, as they would like us to do.

see what they are willing to do with stones and whips? now imagine what they will be willing to do with nuclear weapons.


  1. Stop commenting there. Find a place where people will actually listen and not just censor you.

  2. i comment in many places. most are rational and reasonable sites. but i feel the need to get my point of view out to the "masses," as well. how else are we to promote the questioning of one's errant beliefs?

    i also enjoy posting censored comments on my blog. it shows what yahoo is all about.