Friday, October 1, 2010

yahoo censors comment re: attorney's anti-gay blog

Mich. assistant AG's anti-gay blog free speech?

Shirvell 'accused Armstrong of hosting the party with the intent to "liquor-up underage freshmen and promote homosexual activity in an effort to recruit them to the homosexual lifestyle."' -- did he really say that? is this the 21st century or the 11th century? homosexuality isn't something you're recruited into, as though it were a choice, and liquoring-up underage freshmen to get them to be homosexually active is just so ignorant. Shirvell studied law at the Ave Maria law school -- that should tell you his agenda right there. this is another of the many christian homophobes who believe (1) homosexuality is a sin, and (2) homosexuality is a choice. neither are true. he has forfeited his right to be a civil servant since, obviously, he cannot serve the civilians in his sinecure.

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