Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yahoo censors this comment re: existence of gods

there are no gods. nontheism includes all of men's gods, not just the one the western hemisphere is most currently familiar with. no zeus, no shiva, no jim jones, no david koresh, no charles manson -- whoops, there IS a charles manson :) no thor, no wodin, no poseidon, no jupiter, no apollo (ohno, not again), no cupid, etc., etc., etc.

just because we're more familiar with the monotheistic judeochristianislamic culture, doesn't mean that gods stop there. ain't none of 'em a reality. mohammed makes jim jones look like a nice guy with a penchant for koolaid; jesus preached obligatory altruism; abraham was willing to kill his own son ... i could go on forever.

the mormon tradition is, to paraphrase Dr. Sam Harris, author of The End of Faith, just christianity with a few more stupid ideas.

again, people, repeat after me: THERE ARE NO GODS!

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