Monday, August 9, 2010

Yahoo censors this comment re: Prop. 8

i'm still trying to post my comment. there is absolutely nothing objectionable in it, unlike many of the posts i have read here. someone must be very religious to not allow my thoughts to be posted.

Ted Olson and David Boies did a bang-up job; their arguments were right on point. I read the entire ruling -- all 138 pages -- and it is tight tight tight. no wriggle room for Scalia or Thomas.

Here is what is relevant:

Bill of Rights -- First Amendment and Ninth Amendment (unenumerated rights).

Marriage is a civil ceremony, appropriated by but not the purview of religion.

The "religious views of the majority of Americans" have no relevance in this civil matter. The same arguments were used in favor of miscegenation, if you remember. And they were ruled unconstitutional, as is prop. 8.

And the majority of Americans is not as "religious" as you think. We nontheists/atheists/agnostics are coming on strong, and we will also soon be able to influence the political process, merely by keeping our personal views out of it.

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