Wednesday, January 5, 2011

yahoo censors comment re: autism and vaccines

Study linking vaccine to autism was fraud

no one "catches" autism -- it is not contagious. it is strictly natural. an autistic person is born that way. read Temple Grandin and Dr. Oliver Sacks re: autism and Asperger's, which i have -- i have always had Asperger's, but it wasn't officially diagnosed until i was 56. until then, i was considered nonsocial and eccentric. i have Asperger-like memories from the age of 10 months, way before i received any vaccinations.

the 1998 study was intentionally misrepresentational. self-aggrandizement was probably a factor, noting that he has a strong following in the u.s. even though he was stripped of his right to practice medicine in great britain. i'll bet all of his writings are now suspect, knowing that he would intentionally skew data.

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