Saturday, January 1, 2011

yahoo censors comment re: north korea and iran

NKorea warns war will bring "nuclear holocaust"

the north korean people are eating grass and bark, and whatever they can glean from the mud. yet they can afford a nuclear enrichment program and nuclear weapons. something is wrong here. such a government is not interested in "peace" -- they don't know the meaning of the word.

north korean interests are strictly personal -- kim jong il and his toadies are in the business of power and domination. now they are threatening nuclear war -- just what we should expect from such a country engaging in nuclear experimentation. iran is next to use nuclear weapons to threaten the mideast and the world's most plentiful oil supply.

this is what can be expected from totalitarian theocracies. and if you don't think north korea is a theocracy, think again -- kim il sung is the father, and kim jong il is the son. we saw what can happen in such a climate, when japan believed its emperor was a god. read The Captive Mind, and see what can be accomplished by leaders assuming the roles of gods or their messengers.

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