Monday, June 21, 2010

e pluribus, unum

i suggest that you remember that the prior “slogan” — meaning “war cry” — of the usa was “e pluribus, unum” — out of many, one. that alone negates the principle that we are one nation under god. think about it — out of many, one. it is a beautiful concept, and it is the reason that america exists as it does. as long as we are “out of many,” we cannot be indivisible under god. 12-14% of americans agree with me on this, and that negates the indivisibility of one nation under god. remember those of us who are god-free when you proselytize. and as far as “evangelism” goes, i say: what is the “good news” brought by religion? how about war, mutual antagonism, hatred/hostility, negative judgment, separation of the many, to name but a few. let’s get back to “e pluribus, unum,” for our own good. invoke your god if and as you wish, but just remember that many of us are not in agreement with you; you cannot force god down my throat, but as one of the many, i am one.

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