Thursday, June 17, 2010

is god dead or alive, or is the question irrelevant?

the various "proofs" of gods' existences are examples of very bad argument. lacking in reason, rationality. you don't know anything in your heart, you know it in your soul/brain/thinking process. and how? by scientific inquiry, experimentation, deduction, etc.

i have faith -- nay, actual proof -- that gods are vindictive manmade apparatuses designed to explain that which is not currently understood. you are seeking answers because you're unsure of things. i am seeking questions, because they are more interesting than answers and, besides, answers only lead to more questions.

as to it being too late for me -- it's too late when i take my final breath. if my soul joins a superstring, then so be it. if not, then oh well. i won't be judged by a nonentity nor will i go to a nonhell. but, if by some miniscule chance heaven as currently "known" exists, i prefer hell. there are too many people out there -- the godfearing ones, i mean -- with whom i would not want to share an afterlife. nor would i want to be stuck worshipping such mean gods -- i cannot say enough bad things about the believed gods, for they are bad. intrinsically. they were made to keep the sheeple in line and, as such, they are really, really baaaaaaad. your heaven is my hell.

all rational arguments to the contrary are welcomed -- nay, urged. those who wish to reply via emotion will not be acknowledged.

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