Friday, April 23, 2010

socialism in action -- would you want to live there?

a socialist regime is doomed to fail. we should not be complicit with either the cuban or the chinese government, one that denies its citizens liberty and the pursuit of happiness. they are not denied life, so long as they do not dissent, but what a shabby life it is.

lift the embargo against cuba, and you merely augment the riches of those favored by the powers that be. can anyone think for one second that the helpless, yoked citizenry will see any benefits from our largesse?

the "free" things supplied by the leader are of the poorest quality and scantest quantity. read 1984; read animal farm, read the captive mind, read bread and wine. above all, READ!

i've been trying to boycott china since they took our spy plane, in april of 2001. but it's damn near impossible -- seems like everything affordable is "made in china". but everyone i talk to is now more aware of the insidious infiltration of chinese goods (i've taught countless people to read labels).

plus, the quality of the chinese-manufactured goods leaves a lot to be desired. you get what you pay for. nixon should never have gone to china, but it's too late now.

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