Saturday, April 24, 2010

your heaven is my hell (you know who i mean)

When atheists are standing before God in judgement, what do they plan to say?

i'd say -- get me the hell out of here, you jealous, vindictive, hate-mongering scumbag. being trapped in your heaven is my idea of hell!

my version of "no exit" -- any god, sean hannity, and me. get me out of here!
i'd rather be in hell with satan and saddam, than in "heaven" with the former two.

and i'm not an atheist -- that would be too limiting. i'm a nontheist -- there is no room in my philosophy for ANY gods/prophets. jehovah, jesus, brigham young, joseph smith, jim jones, david koresh, isis, osiris, buddha, allah, mohammed (bleep), baal shem tov, shiva, dalai lama, pope, zeus ... whoever. i hope you get the picture.

although i'm eternally grateful to prometheus, and look what happened to him!

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