Friday, April 23, 2010

what to do with the church and its pedophiles

i like the tracking idea. if the victims can get together via the internet and do some simple detective work, much may be revealed -- names, locations, dates, patterns. the facts will set them free, and damn the church.

nazis are still being hunted down, prosecuted and incarcerated, over 60 years after their crimes against humanity were committed. just recently, there was the conviction of john demjanjuk, a low-level concentration camp guard. sadly, many of the higher-ups got away, many being harbored by the church and many hiding out in south america and even here, in the states. but the search still goes on, as long as victims still live.

the nazi version of pope -- hitler -- took the coward's way out. the ratzinger pope seems to be hiding behind his vestments and his titular power. he is loath to take any kind of responsibility. it is obvious that he is and was complicit in the church's crimes. he needs to be defrocked, prosecuted without his robes of state, and serve his time for his crime. the emperor has no clothes.

that he will not confess -- admit publicly what he did and what he refrained from doing -- shows him up for the morally bereft criminal that he is, and a coward, to boot. he belongs in a jail cell, not in the vatican. the holy see saw, and did everything in his power to protect and defend the faith rather than the faithful. what colossal hubris, what an infamia!

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